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More than just a social website – MySportsmanship.com is an attitude.

MySportsmanship.com Overview

It’s my chance to share video clips about the impact that mysport has had on myself and myteammates.

It communicates the essence of myteam and mymoment and best captures:

  • What my team is all about and the imprint we want to leave behind.
  • The decisions I make that show what MY SPORTSMANSHIP is to me!

MySportsmanship.com Represents Core Values:

  • Play with the same fun you had when you first started playing sports.
  • Support your team, your dreams, and your future in sports and in life!
  • Define sportsmanship on your terms.
  • Make connections between the decisions you make on the field as a team and/or as a leader, and the life decisions you make off the field.

Others have said…
MySportsmanship is Unity…
MySportsmanship is Discipline…
MySportsmanship is Never Giving Up…
MySportsmanship is Respect for Myself and Others…

So… What’s YOUR Sportsmanship???

Student-athletes, collegiate athletes, professional athletes, coaches, and sports fans – ANYONE can join MySportsmanship.com for free. Sign Up Today and start uploading and voting on your favorite sportsmanship videos and images. Enter contests to win scholarship money, earn points to gain MVP Status, and work your way up to a spot on our All-American Team.


Guidelines for Submitting Videos
Submitting videos to MySportsmanship.com is easy. Just follow the directions on the site when you click “Submit Video.”

Collegiate teams, professional teams, athletic organizations, and individuals who need assistance submitting videos can use the MySportsmanship.com Contact Form (and link to: http://www.mysportsmanship.com/contact) to request help.



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