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 STAR Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I get my STAR Code?

Visit your state athletic/activities association’s website to access the STAR School Finder Tool, or you can visit www.starsportsmanship.com/management/STAR/codestart.php . Follow the instructions to search for your school’s STAR code. You may also call Learning Through Sports at 1-866-552-9192 to request your school’s STAR Code.

How easy is it to implement STAR in my school?
Because it is web-based and available 24/7, STAR is very easy to implement in your school’s computer lab, in classrooms with computers and Internet connections, during athletic periods or P.E., in after-school programs, or students can even access STAR from their home computers . The first year of implementing STAR requires a little more time for planning, but the subsequent years will be much easier. Refer to your STAR Playbook for complete instructions on using STAR in your school. You can request a STAR Playbook by calling Learning Through Sports at 1-866-552-9192.
How much time is required for students to complete the STAR Sportsmanship program?
Each student version is made up of 60-65 minutes of online instructional minutes divided into chapters and activities. We recommend that teachers and coaches use the program over a two-week or month-long timeframe.
How long is the Coaches program?
The STAR Coaches program is 30 minutes of online activities (3 sections of 10 minutes each) with offline materials that can be printed to use in meetings with players and parents.
Is there anything for parents?
The STAR Parents program is 12 minutes in length and can be accessed from home Internet.
How does STAR Sportsmanship measure results?
STAR Sportsmanship has pre- and post-tests for Elementary, Middle School, Junior High, and High School. The difference in percentage of correct answers on the pre- and post-tests is an indicator of what students learned from the program. Our Success Stories are also tell-tale indicators of the effectiveness of STAR. Success Stories can be viewed at www.learningthroughsports.com/star.html.
What if I chose an incorrect answer on the pre- or post-test? Can I go back and change my answers?
No, you cannot go back and change your answers on the pre- or post-test, so read the questions and answer choices carefully before answering. Even if you choose an incorrect answer, don’t worry. There is no “pass” or “fail” in STAR Sportsmanship. What matters is that you complete all of the chapters and activities. Completing the entire program (including the post-test) ensures that you, as a student-athlete or coach, are eligible to participate in sports competitions for your school.
What kind of reports are there for STAR Sportsmanship?
STAR has high-level reporting capabilities. The program tracks who has logged on and used the program, who has fully completed the program, answers to the pre- and post-tests, etc. Coaches can run completion reports by logging in as a Coach, then selecting the “Generate Completion Report” button.
I’m a coach or athletic director. Is it necessary for me to print both the completion report and a certificate of completion for each student-athlete?
To prove your student-athletes’ and coaches’ eligibility, you only need to have one or the other – a completion report showing their names OR a certificate of completion for each student-athlete or coach. However, it is a good idea to keep hard copies of BOTH in your records, just in case.
Can the program be used with special education students or those with reading difficulties?
Yes, the program is often used with special education students, and because of the audio, students with reading difficulties have an easy time with the program.
Are there Hint Sheets for the STAR Program?
The Jr. High program (The Secret of Baldwin High) offers a Hint Sheet. Login to STAR as a student, choose your grade (Jr. High = grades 7-8), then go to the Index of the program, and you will see a Hint Sheet that you can print or save to your computer.
Are there other programs like STAR Sportsmanship?

No other company in the country has a web-based sportsmanship education program.

Where in the country is STAR Sportsmanship being used?
Schools around the country are using STAR, including schools in the states of Texas, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Illinois, and Kentucky. Please call Learning Through Sports if you would like to contact a school or district where the program is being used.
Are there any special funds that can be used to purchase STAR Sportsmanship?
Resources allocated for Character Education, Safe & Drug Free Schools, 21st Century Learning grants, etc. are often used to purchase STAR Sportsmanship programs.
What is MySportsmanship.com?
MySportsmanship.com is a “YouTube for Sportsmanship” where student-athletes, coaches, parents, fans, and collegiate and professional athletes can watch cool videos about sportsmanship, submit their own, vote for their favorites, enter contests to win prizes, and more. MySportsmanship.com gives everyone the opportunity to tell what sportsmanship means to them. “What’s Your Sportsmanship?” www.mysportsmanship.com

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